Grocery Store Infrastructure

The Challenge

Vega Group Distribution S.A.C., one of Peru’s largest grocery chains, was on a mission. The retailer deployed four security products one after the other and yet ransomware attacks continued to occur. After each event, IT spent hours or even days cleaning infected systems and restoring backups. While these remediations prevented data loss or business interruption, the burdensome effort distracted the IT team from other important tasks.


Once again, Vega Group sought to replace its security solution. The retail and distribution company evaluated other security products and selected our partner enabled Bitdefender GravityZone. 


Gerardo Vilchez Gutiérrez, Systems and Innovation Manager, Vega Group Distribution S.A.C., says, “Compared to the other solutions we considered, Bitdefender offered the best security, stability and flexibility. We were impressed with GravityZone’s ease of use, competitive price, and consistent market leadership.”


“Finally, we found a solution that met our expectations,” continues Vilchez Gutiérrez. “For eight years, GravityZone has protected us well from ransomware and other threats. During this period, we increased the number of endpoints protected by GravityZone from 20 to 600 and upgraded to GravityZone Business Security Premium.”

The Challenge

Vega Group uses GravityZone Business Security Premium to protect 600 physical and virtual workstations and servers. GravityZone Business Security Premium uses more than 30 layers of machine learning-driven security technologies to safeguard organizations from advanced persistent threats (APTs) and ransomware across physical, virtual, mobile, and cloud-based endpoints and email.


GravityZone protects Vega Group’s server and workstation environment, such as Citrix, Microsoft Windows, VMware NSX, and VMware vSphere. Applications running on Vega Group endpoints in the GravityZone environment include Microsoft Active Directory and Microsoft SQL Server.


As another layer of endpoint security, Vega Group is rolling out GravityZone Full-Disk Encryption to 120 endpoints for automated management of encryption keys.

Project Info

Cyber Security Solution

Business Security, Full-Disk Encryption


Vega Group


Food and Beverage

IT Environment

Citrix, Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft SQL Server, VMware NSX, VMware vSphere

Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows


The Results

Since moving to GravityZone eight years ago, Vega Group reports the rate of ransomware and malware attacks bypassing its infrastructure has dropped from approximately 80 per year to zero. 


“With the EDR capabilities of GravityZone, we have more visibility and intelligence on attempted intrusions and how to trace them and take action to better protect us in the future,” comments Vilchez Gutiérrez. “Our confidence about protecting our users and operations of our grocery stores and distribution centers has gone up considerably.”


Flexibility and ease of use have been additional major advantages of GravityZone, according to Vilchez Gutiérrez: “We like that GravityZone is so easy and straightforward to set up different policies by user groups according to their risk profiles. The tight integration of GravityZone with our VMware, Citrix, and Microsoft environments also makes it simple to manage and see our endpoints.” 


“We spend about 50 percent less time on day-to-day security administration and remediation with GravityZone compared to previous solutions we used,” Vilchez Gutiérrez reports. “A big factor in our IT staff decreasing from 15 to 10 is due to the efficiency improvements enabled by GravityZone.” 


In addition, Vilchez Gutiérrez is pleased that Bitdefender offers a broad spectrum of advanced security solutions: “Because GravityZone has worked so well for us, we are now deploying GravityZone Full-disk Encryption to automate managing encryption keys for user endpoints. This will further protect data stored on laptops in case they are lost or stolen.” 


“We’re also excited about conducting a proof of concept of GravityZone Patch Management to automate and increase our patch compliance,” continues Vilchez Gutiérrez. “We appreciate that Bitdefender continues to develop and offer multiple layers of advanced security solutions to address our evolving security requirements.”