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The Challenge

Piloting a new technology is a smart move before rolling it out across your enterprise. A-Core Concrete Specialists agrees, especially after testing a Sophos security solution to potentially replace Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud. A-Core’s small-scale installation of Sophos disabled the endpoints and blocked them from browsing the Internet.


During the Sophos pilot, a ransomware attack hit A-Core and bypassed a few endpoints protected by Symantec. A-Core’s IT team mitigated the attack and prevented downtime or data loss, but other Symantec issues, such as a challenging interface and limited visibility of endpoints, persisted. The team evaluated security solutions from Bitdefender, Avast, and ESET. Our partner enabled Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security Premium and GravityZone Email Security were the final contenders.


Andrew Black, Ph.D., Chief Information Officer, A-Core Concrete Specialists, explains, “During our evaluation of various solutions, we were impressed with Bitdefender’s high ratings by the industry testing organizations and how easy it was to use GravityZone in our tests. I’m all about streamlining, simplifying, and making things consistent across the board. So, Bitdefender was a great opportunity to consolidate and manage our endpoint and email security across our physical and Azure cloud environments from one console. Bitdefender provided us with multiple security layers and options built into a single solution.”

The Solution

A-Core uses Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security Premium to deliver integrated protection, hardening, and risk- and incident-analytics across the Microsoft Windows workstations and Windows virtual servers providing access to a Microsoft Azure cloud environment. Applications running on endpoints protected by GravityZone Business Security Premium include ComputerEase construction accounting, Microsoft Office 365, and several cloud-based service applications.


In addition, GravityZone Email Security protects A-Core from email threats, such as malware, phishing, spam, viruses, malicious URLs, business email compromise (BEC), and CEO fraud.

Project Info

Cyber Security Solution

Business Security, Email Security





IT Environment

CenPoint, ComputerEase, CrewTracks, Manager Plus, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Office 365, Windows Remote Desktop Services

Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows


The Results

Since moving to GravityZone, Black reports that threat intrusions have been thwarted. He says, “We’ve seen some malware on a couple of occasions, but Bitdefender blocked it from affecting any endpoints, which is great.”


Black continues, “GravityZone risk analytics has been valuable since it provides intelligence about our threat footprint. I see the frequency of attacks and which systems may be most vulnerable and harden certain endpoints. I like the GravityZone cloud console because the interface is so clean and simple to use. With a few clicks, I pull up users or sites that have been blocked and view the threat details and risk factors.”


Email security has been another bright spot by protecting A-Core when users unknowingly click on nefarious links in phishing emails. “Anytime a user clicks on a link in an email, GravityZone scans the link to ensure it’s not virus-laden or directs users to bad sites,” explains Black. “GravityZone does an excellent job identifying and quarantining potentially dangerous emails. It’s easy to review quarantined emails and filter by timeframes or users.” 


“Because GravityZone has streamlined things for us and we trust the capabilities, I have more time to work on other important projects,” adds Black. “I’ve reduced my time on security administration by at least 20 percent.”


A-Core uses an outsourced, cloud-based payment service that is compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). To ensure customers and employees do not attempt to process credit card payments via email, GravityZone flags any such emails and alerts the users and security team.


Black also values the close partnership with Bitdefender: “We have really appreciated Bitdefender’s commitment to us and our success. When we have questions or issues, the support team is responsive and knowledgeable.”

Given the successful deployment of GravityZone, Black is exploring additional capabilities and solutions offered by Bitdefender.


“With Bitdefender’s wide variety of solutions, we expect to expand our Bitdefender deployment over time,” Black states. “As a company, we’re committed to becoming more virtualized and mobile- and cloud-based. Bitdefender’s extensive product offerings that integrate with mobile, virtual, and cloud technologies will ensure security of our data and applications as we continue on this path.”