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Small Business
Ideal for building a Cybersecurity Strategy with efficient protection
from $399
/ Month
*Excl. Pkg. Setup Fee | Incl. 1yr Business Security
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  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • Dark Web Threat Intelligence
  • Security Awareness Training
  • Simulated Phishing
  • Network-Attack-Defense
  • Web Access Control
  • Device Control
  • Endpoint Risk Analytics

Recommended for aggressive protection against sophisticated threats
from $799
/ Month
*Excl. Pkg. Setup Fee | Incl. 1yr Business Security Premium
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Get everything in MyCyberShield

  • Business Impersonation Monitoring
  • Policy Management
  • Compliance-Focused Security Awareness Training
  • Custom Spear-Phishing
  • Tunable Machine Learning
  • Sandbox-Analyzer
  • Fileless-Attack-Defense
  • Microsoft Exchange Coverage
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Highly effective and automated threat prevention, remediation, attack forensics and cloud sandboxing. Ideal for companies that seek early advanced attack prevention without additional detection and response capabilities.
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Risk management to identify and mitigate risks related to application vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. Protection against malware, 0-day and known exploits, web threats, phishing, ransomware and tamper-proof backups. Tunable Machine Learning, Fileless Attack Defense and Sandbox Analyzer to stop targeted and advanced attacks.

The only EDR on the market with automated cross-endpoint correlation, and seamlessly integrated robust EPP capabilities. Purpose built for security teams of all sizes looking for unparalleled endpoint security efficiency.
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Incl. MyCyberGuardian Visibility into a prioritized list of cross-endpoint incidents that could indicate an attack. Powerful threat hunting and investigation capabilities including live and historical search. Simple responses to contain and resolve threats across the organization.

XDR natively correlates organization-wide data to automatically provide human-readable insights for each security incident. Developed to empower security teams of all sizes seeking to reduce missed threats, noise and alert fatigue.
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Incl. MyCyberCrown (separate license) Expand attack visibility beyond endpoints with sensors for: identity services, network, cloud, productivity applications. Automated triage, correlation and investigation of suspicious signals, revealing the full attack picture in human-readable terms. Turn-key deployment and low overhead native XDR, no custom integrations and rules to build and maintain.

MDR service gives you all the protections of MDR and adds the most comprehensive dark web detection and response available, where dedicated Intelligence Analysts continuously monitor the dark web to protect your vital data.
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Incl. MyCyberFortress

24x7 coverage from our global network of SOCs, where skilled analysts continually monitor and protect your security environment through the entire alert life-cycle.

Quick, decisive response leveraging comprehensive pre-approved actions to contain and mitigate threats.

Threat Hunting using data from hundreds of millions of endpoints to continuously identify and update threats to customer environments.


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Operating systems covered: macOS | iOS | Linux | Windows. Linux OSs are considered servers. VAT not included.

Price includes protection for: 15 desktops and laptops | up to 25 file servers.

Setup fees vary: depends on number of users/devices/organizational structure and addons. 

Understand Your Current Cyber Security Posture
Get a Human Risk Report
Get your free Human Risk Report and understand your employee cyber security posture. This report will shine a light on how a cyber-criminal could exploit your staff’s cybersecurity vulnerabilities today.
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Identify Security Weaknesses and Vulnerabilities
Offensive Security Services
Our Pen Testing and Red Teaming exercises to help you assess, evaluate, and identify security weaknesses through real-world simulated attacks on your people, processes, and technologies.
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*Monthly Price

From $399

From $799

Contact sales for pricing

Contact sales for pricing

Contact sales for pricing

Dark Web

Dark Web Monitoring

Threat Intelligence

Company Inpersonation


Training | Phishing | Compliance

Security Awareness Training

Simulated Phishing

Policy Management


Compliance-Focused Security Awareness Training


Custom Spear-Phishing



Business Cybersecurity



Advanced Anti-Exploit

Process Inspector

Ransomware Mitigation

Automatic Disinfection and Removal


Web Threat Protection

Fileless Attack Protection

Local and Cloud Machine Learning

Web Filtering and Content Control

Device Control

Process Protection

Exploit Defense

Network Attack Defense

Optimized Cloud and Server Security

Tunable Machine Learning

Risk Management

Fileless Attack Defense

Cloud Sandboxing

Attack Forensics

Cross-Endpoint Detection & Visualization

Easy Investigation, One-Click Remediation

Threat Hunting

Anomaly Defense

Identity, Cloud, Network, Productivity Sensors

Purchased Individually

Real-Time Extended Incident Visualization

With optional XDR sensors

Automated Correlation and Analysis

With optional XDR sensors

Incident Advisor, Cross-Org Response

With optional XDR sensors

Turn-Key Deployment, Low Overhead

With optional XDR sensors

Managed Detection and Response Services

24/7 Threat Management by Expert Team

Targeted Threat Hunting

MDR Portal and Monthly Service Reports

Dedicated Security Account Manager

Dark Web Monitoring

Add-ons Business Cybersecurity (Purchased Separately)

Patch Management

Full Disk Encryption

Security for Email

Security for Mobile

Security for Containers

Integrity Monitoring

Security for Storage

Data Retention (90, 180, 365 days)

Cloud Security Posture Monitoring

Offensive Security Services

Advanced Threat Intelligence

Premium Support

Professional Services


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